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Size:175 cm


Reserve winner mare „Puppenfee“ by
„Plaisir d´Amour“ – „Figaro“ –„Kronprinz XX“

We bought this exceptional mare at the Vechta May auction as a filly. In 1997 she was reserve winner mare, ambassadress in Brussels 1998 at the European championship and now „Puppenfee“ is one of our line foundation mares.

Burchard Oltmanns

© Fotografin Kiki Beelitz

In the age of 26 years, we needed to put Puppenfee to sleep due to a colic. We will never forget her!


Plaisir d´Amour (Old)Pik Pube (Hann)Pik König (Hann)
Franka (Hann)
Fleur (Hann)Furioso II (Anglo N)
Arosa (Old)
Ariola (Old)Figaro (Old)Futuro (Anglo N)
Veilchenate (Old)
St.Pr. Arithmetik (Old)Kronprinz XX
Armgard II (Old)

Genetic potential par Excellence.

„Plaisir d´Amour“ was a guaranty for rideability and a successful international dressage horse.

His pedigree combines pure performance blood with the stallions  „Pik Bube I“, „Furioso II“ and „Miracolo XX“. Dam sire „Figaro“ is regarded as a sire of hard working, double talented sport horses with high rideability, as reflected in the international show jumper„Figaro´s Boy Ludger Beerbaums.

In the third generation of the pedigree we have the drop of thoroughbred blood we look for with the sire of „Kronprinz XX“ on the dam side. Her full brother „Pierrot Royal“ was licensed in 1997 and her full sister was sold at the PSI auction.

Successful dam line of the mare Armgard

„Puppenfee“ represents the dam line of  Armgard, out of which come the licensed stallions „Pierrot“, „Botticello“ and „Baresi“ ( by „Brindisi“ ).

„Boticello“ was in 1997 reserve winner at the licensing at Alsfeld – and later on he competed successfully advanced dressage level ridden by Leonie Bramall. The performance test winner of the rideability index  „Floriscount“ and his half brother  „Sandakan“ do represent this famous line as well.

Besides Puppenfee is the full sister to „Paradise 7“ , an advanced dressage horse at Inter II level and half sister to the international advanced dressage horse „Lux-Dressage Dona Figuera“ by „Donnerschwee“.

1997: mare performance scoring  7,75:

Basic gaitsWalkTrotGalop
Running free7,58,58,5
Externa rider7,5

1997: Reserve winner mare, 1b awarded at the Oldenburg mare performance in  Rastede.

1998: Successful participation at the European championship in Brussels.

2002: Registration as elite mare.

Own performance

15 living offspring in 18 years of breeding:

Gelding by „Royal Diamond“, in 2005 the second most expensive horse sold at the 38.Winter special sale

„A Sunny Girl“ by „Sandro Hit“, obtained state premium ship in 2004 and was sold in the December auction 2004 to Baden Württemberg

„A Sugar Baby“ by „Sandro Hit“, obtained in  2005 the Ik-brillantring mare award together with the state premium ship, broodmare at our stud

„Summerhill“by „Sandro Hit“, future stallion candidate, who qualified in 2008 for the federal championship of the 5 year old dressage horses

„San Amour“ by „Sandro Hit“

  • 2004: Future stallion candidate 
  • 2006: 2. Reserve winner at the Oldenburg licensing and price record at the auction with  450.000 € 
  • 2007: Stallion at the stud Paul Schockemöhle and winner of the rideability index during his performance scoring 137,74 points with a rideability of 9.5 
  • 2008: Main award winner in  Vechta 
  • 2011: „San Amour“ sires a premium stallion at the Oldenburg licensing and a second licensed son. Other offspring is licensed in Hannover, NRW and Zweibrücken. At the licensing of Southern Germany the winner is „Sandbrink“ by „San Amour“. The Oldenburg elite mare show results as a private party of „San Amour“ offspring: nine daughters were selected, 4 finished at the brilliantring on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th  place. The most expensive foal at the 22. NRW auction is also by him, priced at 63500 €. 
  • 2011: „Stern von Afrika OLD“ by „San Amour“ – „Havard“, vice federal champion sold for 200.000 € as a price record at the 76. Spring elite auction.
  • 2012:Federal championess „Soiree d´Amour OLD“ by „San Amour“ – „Latimer“ of the 3 year old mares and geldings gets twice a 10.0 by the external riders.
  • 2013:Winner mare „Calamity Jane“ by „San Amour“ - „Rohdiamant“ - „Grundstein“ at the Oldenburg elite mare show.

„Auguste Victoria“ by „Sandro Hit“

  • 2008: Best mare performance in Vechta scoring 8,14, Id-Brillantring mare at the oldenburg mare show, regional championess of the 3 year old mares and geldings, many placings and victories at youngster dressage tests.
  • Since 2008: used as a broodmare at our stud.

„Shakespeare“ by „Samarant“, sold to USA

„Sacre Coeur“ by „Sandro Hit“, premium colt, sold to Thüringen

„San Amour II“ by „Sandro Hit“ 

  • 2012: Licensed, sold to Belgium to the Grand Prix trainer  Mario van Oershagen actual licensed in Belgium too.

State premium aspirant „Angeline“ by „Sandro Hit“, sold to NRW

„Aurelia“, Regional premium mare by „Detroit“, own breeding mare

Arosa“, Regional premium mare by „Detroit“, sold to Hamburg

„Anna Estelle“, Premium colt by „Tomahawk“

Premium colt by „Grey Flanell“ from an embryo transfer

Premium colt by „Morricone“

Successful offspring

Horses for sale:

Unfortunately, there are no horses for sale at the moment. If you are interested, we look forward to your inquiry.

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